About Us

We are an online Thai-inspired bakery devoted to custard filled buttermilk buns. The name Laantaan comes from a combination of the owner's name (Tan) and the word Laan, which means million, in the hopes of catching some millions. In Thailand, we have this belief that if you add luck to the name, the business will do well.

Both founders Tan Hansapinyo and Mary Megally have grown up with the love for desserts and are working tirelessly to share their love with Melbournians. 

Our products are mixtures of traditional Thai desserts with modern ingredients to create something new and delicious. Our two signature buttermilk buns are Thai Tea and Salted Egg Yolk. We also frequently do weekly specials such as Purple Sweet potato (ube), Ovaltine, Durian, Pink milk (snake fruit syrup) and many more.



Melbourne Thai-inspired bakery